As well as offering packaging to produce growers, we now also distribute the ECO friendly Greenmark Ingeo range.

Greenmark’s foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide consumers with an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution to enjoy food on the go, without any negative impact on the environment.

GreenMark tableware not only utilizes annually renewable plant fibers such as sugarcane and corn, but also reduces the general waste stream. Bagasse is in itself an agricultural waste, it is represented as 100% recycled material.

The manufacturing process of our products uses less energy and emits less pollution than petroleum based products. It also generates fewer greenhouse gases and contains no toxins.

Product quality. Stackable containers are strong and durable. Leak and oil proof.

The last phase and key benefit of using biodegradable products is that they are made to be fully compostable as opposed to being recycled. Our products are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility within 60-90 days. Suitable for home composting.

No need to separate food waste stream – GreenMark compostable tableware can be disposed together with the food scraps to compost.

Products in the range include:
– Hot Coffee Cups + Lids
– Single, Double, Triple Wall Cups!
– BYO Reusable Cups
– Cup Carriers
– Clear Cups + Lids
– Cold Paper Cups + Lids
– Plates, Bowls & Trays

– Takeaway Containers (Biocane Clamshells & Bioboard boxes) 
– Cutlery ( Bioplastic & Wood)
– Straws
– Napkins
– Bioplastic Bags

We provide two design options:

  • Mainstream Range. If looking for something basic and in the Greenmark range, we can provide the standard product list.
  • Custom Designed Range. Our team can provide custom designed packaging on certain items, where we design and print your items for you.
    (MOQ apply).

Why not come into Cosmic Packaging’s showroom to see the range on display, get a price list and see what packaging you may need for any industry or occasion.

Alternatively you can contact Carlo on 0402 658 911.