Cardboard boxes are our passion at Cosmic Packaging. And, finding the right one to suit your fresh produce needs is a satisfying process for us.

Cardboard boxes are a highly versatile form of fruit and vegetable packaging. Used to carry a wide range of products, including grapes, pomegranates, avocadoes, stone fruit, citrus and smaller vegetables like spring onions, cardboard packaging is a popular option for many producers.

Our cardboard boxes come in pre-print, wax, non-wax, plain card or printed card. The choices are endless, with boxes also coming in a variety of:

  • Cardboard Styles. The choice of different styles to best represent your brand and provide protection to your produce is available.
  • Cardboard Thickness. A range of cardboard thicknesses is on offer to cater for your produce type and unique requirements.
  • Cardboard Strength. Whether you’re after a highly durable product to withstand a long journey and protect your produce or one to make it down the road, we have a packaging product to suit your needs.
  • Cardboard Designs. Our team can customise your cardboard box designs to suit your preferences.

We provide two design options:

  • Mainstream Cardboard Boxes. If looking for something mainstream, the team at Cosmic Packaging provide quality cardboard boxes in a range of styles from our current range or we can source them for you.
  • Custom Designed Boxes. Our team can provide custom designed cardboard boxes, where we design and print your items for you.

Why not come into Cosmic Packaging’s showroom to see our boxes on display. Or, to speak to one of our friendly team members about our cardboard products, please contact us.