Can’t find a particular fruit and vegetable packaging item that you need? Don’t know where to start the research process in order to find it? Have a vision in mind but don’t know if it exists?

Don’t worry! Cosmic Packaging is on hand to help you and can source the right packaging for your requirements.

Having looked after customers for 20 years, we’re confident we can locate the right packaging for you.

At Cosmic Packaging, our team:

  • Works alongside our suppliers, knowing their products and quality standards intimately.
  • Sources quality products from our trusted factories, having worked closely with them over the years.
  • Has an in-depth knowledge of the market and innovative packaging products that are out there.
  • Uses both local and international suppliers to guarantee we’re getting the items to suit your specific packaging goals.
  • Works closely with customers to achieve and exceed packaging expectations.
  • Sources competitively priced packaging products.

When sourcing a new product, we allocate a sample turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

Cosmic Packaging is also expanding our product range to suit our customer’s needs! Please contact Cosimo for further discussion regarding our new product range.